Welcome to madeformen-logo-1-300x90, a model of effective emotional work for men. madeformen-logo-1-300x90evolved from the male-friendly personal development services of Dr Shahieda Jansen, a clinical psychologist who specialises in masculinized personal growth and development.

madeformen-logo-1-300x90is a safe space in which men can do emotional work that leads to positive attitudinal and behaviour change, without compromise of their manhood codes.

Emotional work may involve but is not limited to attention to one’s inner world (self-awareness), values clarification, experience and expression of emotions as well as the processing of significant events (loss, violation, and rejection) for the purpose of personal transformation.

In a male-friendly behaviour change context men may talk, reflect, listen, interrogate and even joke about their concerns in accordance with their own male cultural norms. These gender norms may be a combination of social class position, race, religion, ethnicity, and family of origin, secularism, sexual orientation or culture, for example, ulwaluko, the Xhosa manhood initiation rites widely practiced in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

madeformen-logo-1-300x90 behaviour change initiatives may take the form of individual psychotherapy, men’s group psychotherapy, father son dyadic psychotherapy, siblings psychotherapy, parent couple therapy, family therapy, spiritual-cultural interventions and wilderness or outdoor therapy. Frequently behaviour change requires a combination of individual, dyadic and systemic interventions.

Screening and selection for behaviour change interventions are done in accordance with manhood visions and values, and the capacity and willingness to tolerate the patience, sacrifice and struggle inherent to authentic and long-lasting behaviour change.

Healing requires action, risk taking, structure, socio-emotional-spiritual resources (humility) and the presence of supportive cheerleaders. Growth and recovery are hard work, threatening and filled with obstacles, resistance and setbacks. Hence the support of others are explicitly structured into the growth and recovery plan as per men’s groups or father-son groups. Sometimes transformation efforts are extended to include the social context (e.g. family dynamics) as part of male focused healing and recovery. Even during individual therapy use is made of the support from familial, cultural, religious and other supportive agents.

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